Help Bring The English Braille Quran To The Blind Community In Utah

Islam By Touch is a dedicated group of people who realized that the Quran can change the lives of so many people. Throughout more than 1400 years, the Quran was and will always be the light that shows the right way to all those seeking enlightenment and guidance. That’s why there are so many translations in nearly every language on earth for the Quran. What about those who lost the grace of sight? One would be shocked to know that there is no free English translation of Quran in Braille.

Free English Braille Translation of Quran in Utah!

That is why at Islam By Touch, we are trying to empower millions of blind people all around the world by giving them a Free English Braille translation of the Quran. But this mission isn’t easy! One copy of the Braille Quran in English costs around $250 to produce. When people donate to our cause all the proceeds go to machines, materials, production, maintenance, and distribution.

We want to start in North America, as there is no translated Braille Quran in English available to the blind Muslim population. But we are aiming to make the English Braille translation of the Quran available for every blind person on earth, even non-Muslims. The Quran is meant for all people and everyone should be able to find what they are seeking between its covers.

Donate to the Braille Translation of the Quran in Utah!

No one can do this task alone. That’s why at Islam By Touch, we need all who share our vision and goal, to help us bring this project to light. We need to work towards funding the project so that we can make sure that the English translation of the Braille Quran is perfect, and that every blind person on earth can get it for free. With a generous donation from each and every one of you to help us achieve this mighty task, we can make the Quran available in English Braille for everyone. Work with Islam By Touch to deliver this great holy book to every blind person around the world.

The Islam by Touch logo, written in English and Brail


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